Day 1

Made my way to Thak. Was approached by a White Dragonborn about a assisting with a task. We separated, he went to go find others. Was directed to meet at nearby Inn, 1 hour after nightfall. Encountered:

  • Dragonborn (Donar)
    • Blue Eyes
    • White Scales
    • Cleric of Cord
  • Dwarf (Blane)
    • Half burnt Beard, Black
    • Chainmail
  • Tiefling (Nimea)
    • Lizard Tail, larger at base tapering off towards end
    • Seemingly reluctant to be in our presence
    • Some scales (blue in color)

We now appear to be a travelling party. While we were still at the inn a farmer approached us his farm was under attack from insects just after nightfall.

Farm was attacked by Giant ants. While clearing out the ant nest located what appear to be instructions for creating magically enhanced ant eggs (acid enhancement). We destroyed what I feel are the results of these instructions.

Located 2 Drow, Killed one the other fled through a magic mirror, which Donar promptly smashed before I could get a good look at it.

Also located data on how the ants were to be utilized. Could be problematic for town, Will need follow up.
Town guard already notified.